Services include:
♥ Onsite support for students
♥ Onsite support for parents of grieving children
♥ Hearts Matter Project Parent guide in English/Spanish
♥ Hearts Matter Project curriculum training

About The Hearts Matter Project

The Hearts Matter Project is a curriculum designed to assist students to adapt and adjust to unfortunate experiences with losing a loved one, a loved one becoming ill or just being angry. Children, pre-adolescents, and teens don’t have anything to reference when they are subjected to heartache, hurt, loss, anger, or unhealthy relationships in their families. Now, their hearts have a voice. The program provides insight into their emotions, they feel heard, they feel that they are not “misunderstood”, and most importantly, they allow themselves to process their feelings to understand them. They exit the program regaining control of their emotions, communicating in a positive manner, and feeling empowered by the positive changes in their lives. Most importantly, they are happier and healthier individuals whose hearts are no longer weighing them down.

The program includes:

Assessment = questions
Counseling = processing
Behavior Modification = support
Hands-On Activities = coping skills

The Curriculum

The curriculum I utilize is one I created to assist children ages 4-17 to obtain emotional stability. Grief is not only experienced through the death of a loved one. The children in these schools were identified as not only as grieving but as struggling with heartache associated with parents divorcing, anger issues, identity crisis, family dysfunction, Harvey victims, self-esteem issues, and making poor choices. The Grief weighs heavily on their hearts. My curriculum is designed to work with kids in groups or a one-on-one setting to work through their unresolved hurt, anger, disappointment, and bad habit-forming behaviors. Kids do not have anything to reference when their worlds are turned upside down because they have only lived a short time. They need guidance and a “skill-set” with having a better understanding of their feelings. Once they complete the sessions they feel “accomplished” and adjust or adapt to their life without their loved one and are at peace with all other internal conflicts that were taking over and disrupting their lives. Their transformation is such a joy to be a part of. Through their efforts, with time, hope returns.

Group Outline / Timeline:

Students will participate in a group counseling session, once a week for 45 minutes.

Groups are held for six to eight weeks. * Longer sessions are determined by discoveries during the session which may require the student/students to be able to process their ongoing crisis.

Groups will be scheduled to meet during school hours, which will be identified by each school counselor and campus bell schedule.

Groups will follow the Academic School Year and not meet on designated Holidays, Staff Development, Testing Preparation, or Testing Dates.

Hearts Matter Project Interview

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"It's a phenomenal feeling to be able to help a child..."
Susana Morell

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