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Our Services

Skillset to assist with overcoming grief and loss.

Grief Support Groups

Our Grief Support Groups provide a safe environment for you to look at your old beliefs about dealing with loss, which losses have affected your life, and take actions that will lead you to complete unresolved emotions that may still be causing you pain. We also offer on-site grief groups for children ages 6-17.


The one-on-one program follows the same material from the groups but in a more private setting. 

Community Outreach Program

The office is designed to cater to the working professional, college student, and encourages anyone contemplating getting help. Offering evening session hours and weekend appointments I am fully bilingual in Spanish. 

Parent Groups

On-site parenting groups to assist parents understand the Grief Dialogue.

Professional Development Training

On-site professional development training for teachers and counseling staff with a school district or community agency. Training consists of learning the Hearts Matter Curriculum and becoming certified as a Heart Matter Specialist.

Consulting Services

Consulting services available to provide additional support for the Grief and Grieving counseling needs and dialogue.

A Word from Susana Morell, MS, CGRS

I look forward to continuing my efforts in making a difference and helping children, pre-adolescents, and teens obtain emotional stability. Are you ready to join the movement?

I am fully bilingual. I can hold groups or sessions in Spanish. I can translate from English to Spanish, if needed, when facilitating a group within the school setting.
Susana Morell, MS, CGRS