"As a divorced male I was struggling to learn how to adapt and adjust to all the changes that came with being single, once again. Susana was able to provide me insight and support me though this very difficult period in my life. As a male it’s difficult to ask for help. Counseling with Susana was very healing and helped me fully recover from my divorce. "
Mario T.
"I have chills and tears!!! This was THE BEST parenting advice I have EVER heard, and it brought about a lot of emotions. I was sad that I have been neglecting my son when it came to me listening. I was sad that these children are SUCH precious souls and their thoughts and emotions are often not taken seriously by many parents (including myself). I sooooo love my children more than anything of course, but love is action. This means taking the time for their emotional needs, being there for them, not judging, not controlling them, just loving them, listening to them, supporting whatever they think and feel, supporting their individuality, and celebrating the person they ARE (not what we want them to become), AND taking the time to let them know all of this."
Aimee L.
"My daughter’s social worker found the Hearts Matter Project in the referral database at her school and highly suggested I make my daughter an appointment. Unfortunately, my daughter was sexually molested by her elder cousin and the detective stated my daughter may be traumatized, which she was. She learned a valuable skill set and her self-worth improved! "
Roxy F.
"Thank you for teaching our students the skills they needed to overcome the grieving process Mrs. Susana. This Pearland person summarized it just right. I know our kids were empowered by the information you gave them. You have put together an amazing product with love and passion, which in my opinion has truly made the difference. I applaud you and wish you the very best as you continue to help those that are hurting. God bless you and everyone you encounter."
Carmela G.
Counselor - Galena Park I.S.D
"I cannot thank you enough for the work you have done at Tice. I saw big changes in our students through your counseling services. Thank you for all that you have done for our kiddos by giving them a safe space to learn and heal. Many blessings to you."
Korina D. S.
Counselor Galena Park I.S.D
"I knew we had to find some alternatives and strategies on behavior management for my twin girls in kindergarten. This program provided exactly that! My twin girls felt very empowered to sit in an environment where the focus is completely on them. They were given examples of situations that were challenging. Then they were given strategies to teach them how to better control their behavior. What I found most fascinating was that it wasn’t just a behavior being targeted, but also the consequences of such behavior were being taught. It was a very full circle lesson that consisted of evaluating the challenge, identifying any empathy and or sympathy for the effects on others. And finally, learning a technique and strategy for resolution. As a parent, I also learned various techniques and strategies that would better equip me with handling challenges and struggles with my twin girls. I completely agree with and support this program. Thank you! - "
Jennifer R
“Susana, Thank you for teaching eSchool again! The feedback from our group is that this is something they have immediately began to use. We appreciate the insight and the time you dedicate to our program. “

Harvey M. Reentry Manager (Houston)
Prison Entrepreneurship Program
"Ms. Susana’s grief counseling groups were definitely an asset to our campus. The students who participated learned valuable new coping skills with opportunities to share their stories in a safe and supportive setting, and gave very positive feedback at the conclusion of the meetings. We look forward to having her return this school year! "
Jimia B.
Student Support Counselor, Pearland High School
"Ms. Susana's program has brought our district a valuable resource that is very much needed. We now can refer students who are becoming truant due to losing a loved one. The guidance they obtain allows for the student to process their loss in a healthy way. The techniques learned from the weekly counseling sessions allows the student to cope and strive to continue to be a successful student. Thank you, for empowering our students so they can change the trajectory of their lives. Pearland Independent School District is very fortunate to have established this collaboration for the second year in a row. "
Lisa C.
Attendance Officer
"My granddaughter had been struggling with depression and I was unsure how to support her. I obtained custody of her at a very young age and I thought she was emotionally stable. Susana helped us to work through her internal conflicts with body image and inability to process in a healthy way. Improving our communication helped us to break the cycle we were trapped in of acting as if everything was “ok” when it was not."
Deborah G.
"My daughter was struggling as a teenager with being disrespectful, rude, sabotaging ALL her opportunities with her negative attitude and outlook. She did a complete 360* working with Susana. She repaired all her relationships, brought her grades up, and tried out for the basketball team. She stated “Mom, I now know I can and will be the best version of myself.” That was music to my ears."
Angelica G.
"My son’s pediatrician referred me to Susana’s office. He was aware of her program from his niece attending at at her school. My son (8 yrs. old) was struggling with not being able to sleep at night and becoming extremely emotional at school. His session offered him an opportunity to identify his fears and work through them in a unique way. He felt empowered as he demonstrated he could choose not to “act out” this was so refreshing to see. We are forever grateful for the Hearts Matter Project."
Andrew M.
"My nine-year-old was referred to the Hearts Matter Project by his social worker on his campus. The sessions provided my son the opportunity to understand his emotions and make better choices with processing them instead of acting out. The parent guide helped me as a mom to recover from feeling as if I had failed my son as a parent. How could I understand and guide my son? When I was unwilling to change my perception and focus on his needs instead of being frustrated by him. I highly recommend this program to every parent. Mu husband I are very glad we made an effort to seek out help. "
Aubrey R.
"When I met Susana, my life was not in a good place. I had my doubts about therapy altogether and was very resistant at the start. However, through her hard work and proven methodology of helping people with grief I was successful in making the necessary adjustments to continue my life. Susana’s approach is much different than a “traditional sense” I love Susana’s approach to helping individuals with grief. It is straightforward, no text book answer, but most importantly passionate and genuine (emphasis added) If you are having a difficult time with making an adjustment after losing a loved one, I would strongly encourage you to make this phone call. It will be the answer you’ve been hoping for."
Joe A.
"As a married couple we hesitated to schedule a session with a counselor who specializes in Grief, but we are so glad we did. The struggles in our marriage were creating a lot of heartache and well this is Grief. Working with Susana helped us to reconnect with one another on so many levels. We learned to appreciate each other’s perception and views, communicate in a healthy way, and become intimate once again. Our children experienced our transformation and were excited for us. If you can and are willing to save your marriage Susana can help. She’s AMAZING! "
Samantha B.
"My daughter was struggling with loving herself and I was clueless! A friend of the family referred me to Susana, and I couldn’t believe the transformation that was made. I saw my daughter become more hopeful about herself and her future the more she attended counseling. If you are concerned about your child don’t hesitate to seek help. Susana’s parent guide helped me to realize that I could not understand my daughter’s sadness because well simply put I am not my daughter. Once, I stepped away and obtain a new perspective on how to help my daughter our relationship and bond improved. This unique approach really changed our lives. "
Darlene M.
"My daughter was extremely depressed and creating so much turmoil in our home. It’s unfortunate when you feel at a loss as a parent in not being able to support or help your child. I read Susana’s profile on Psychology today and I didn’t hesitate to set-up an appointment. My daughter obtained so much self- growth and began to continue to live her life to her fullest potential. She stated that counseling really saved her life. My husband and I support the Hearts Matter Project and highly recommend you it. "
Jessenia R.
"I was a college graduate and at age twenty-three felt very unsatisfied with my life and the world I was living in. Not feeling in control of your life is very sad. My emotions were creating a wedge with myself and everyone I crossed paths with. Susana was able to navigate me out of my unresolved hurt and anger and create a new routine and life I could embrace and love again. "
Gabi L.
"My son was a participant in the Hearts Matter Project counseling sessions on his campus. He was referred to the group after my mother in law passed away. He was struggling to adapt to changes that presented upon his grandmother passing. He was extremely angry and defiant. He continued to see Susana throughout the summer and was able to process and learn to grieve in a healthy way. There is no way to rate a counselor who saves your child’s life, but one can share the experience and post a review to hopefully bring hope to others. "
Nadia P.
"My two daughters were acting out sexually and being extremely combative with my husband and myself. I heard about the Hearts Matter Project from a family friend whose children participated in it during the school year, so I reached out to schedule an appointment. Not only, did my daughter’s obtain healthier perspectives in their sessions they held themselves accountable for their behaviors and work with us to help support and redirect them without disrespect or being argumentative. The Hearts Matter Project brought a lot of peace and clarity back into our lives. "
Erica R.